Taste of FoCo Voting

Voting is underway. You can vote once per hour on EACH station. Poll runs through May 26th. links to each station are below.

We cannot do this without you.

Last year was amazing, we were at the head of the pack in the end with OVER 10,000 votes. We can do it again, but not without your help.

If you are here you are either a die hard ThreeShots fan, if so vote early, vote often! Or you are a friend or family member of a die hard fan… if that is the case you are here to vote for ThreeShots.

If you have some friends and or family that can vote at all please spread the word, and the link.

A vote for ThreeShots is a Vote well cast 😀

*There are some other kick ass bands too… but ThreeShots for sure guys*

94.3 The X

102.5 Retro

99.9 The Point

99.1 New Country

102.9 Power