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New gear projects abound in the ThreeShots Family. This most recent update became needed after our last blues challenge with the Mile High Blues Society. I have mentioned in previous posts the hunt for perfect tone is a never ending struggle for guitar players especially blues guys. I can pick out most popular blues guitar players in a few notes off of tone alone, it is like a signature.

Well I found my Mesa Reverb Rocket and considered myself a married man, the search was over. I have been a no FXs sort of player my whole life, just plug in and go… well that requires an amp and guitar to create the right dirty tone, both of which I have.

So you can imagine my shock, frustration and disappointment when we show up for the competition, only to be told I need to bench my star player and wing it with the JV team… *sigh*

So after that joke ran its course I started my hunt for the gear needed to make sure that would never happen again. True to form, I went over kill and the next thing I knew I had a pedal boards worth of outboard gear. This means I needed a pedal board case…

and I found the Gig BOX by Gator case.

I was riding on sleazy street… but I started thinking I could make it better… I had the technology. I settled on an array of pedals and an in ear monitor rig, I mean all the cool kids were doing it.

I just needed to find a way to get all of that gear into the one case or it would defeat the purpose.

The problem…

So I got some wood and started figuring out how to make a storage compartment, for all of the extras.

Then I kept adding more stuff, the next thing I knew I had a half ass plan to fit 4 wireless packs, two mic cables, an instrument cable, spare batteries, strings, a slide, winder, light, multi tool, 3 power supplies, pick holders, in ear monitor rig, ear buds, cup holder, mic stand, SM57 and my Super 55 all into this case.

Took some work but I figured out how to turn this case into a bag of holding.

I then needed to make it practical to carry, trying to make it a one trip load in for me. So I installed these beastly hooks and a killer strap. Now I can shoulder this, put an amp in one hand and a guitar in the other.