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Tatro’s Favorite Albums

Bands anymore are great about releasing one or two great songs but great albums seem to be rare. It’s pretty common for people to ask about my favorite albums or albums that have influenced me. So here it is, I was shooting for Ten but fell short, enjoy.

Texas Flood 1983, SRV
StevieRayVaughanTexasFloodFor some musicians it is hard to nail down their favorite album or the album that influenced them the most. It is easy for me. In 1983 a year before I was born the greatest collection of tunes was complied. This album shaped me as a guitar player. Pride and Joy, was the very first real song I tried to learn, a bit of an undertaking but I figured it out. In hindsight it is interesting to me that a lot of the tracks on this album are instrumentals. The album covers everything from up tempo foot stomppers, chaos, and melodic masterpieces.


We Can Get Together 2008, Sean Costello sean
So I have been doing this guitar player thing for a long time and as much as the above mentioned album may have been the driving force behind my face first dive into the world of blues, eventually I came up for air after treading water for what seemed like years. It was Sean Costello’s We Can Get Together that would launch me off of my plateau. I had never heard of Sean until Jasco of the Symbols turned me on to him. I couldn’t believe my ears a literal rhythmic and auditory orgasm. His voice and picking style were like nothing I had ever heard. His energy will hit you like a freight train with How in the Devil, We can get Together, and Hard Luck Woman can’t miss out on and the gut wrenching songs too like Told me a lie, and Can’t let go.

From here on out there is no order to the albums as far as importance or influence.

Bad News is Coming 1972, Luther Allison
Luther Allison’s traditional blues is so raw. You really just need to listen to every track on this one.

Jagged Little Pill 1995, Alanis Morissette
Its hard to put a finger on why I am drawn to this album so much. It is just good, all of the songs connect even the radio hits were solid. She was God for crying out loud and this was the first album ever bought for me as a gift. 🙂

Hooray for Boobies 2000, The Bloodhound Gang

One of the band’s most commercial albums, it is filled with clever song writing. Sure the content is crass offensive and lewd but this album came along at a time in my life when it made sense. The craftsmanship behind these songs is undeniable… well you could deny it but you would be wrong.



Love is Dead 1995, The Mr. T Experience
Dr. Frank is a master of word play, pair that with his musical background and you have an amazing recipe for great song writing. The Mr. T Experience has a much more playful candor about their writing.


Nine Tonight 1981, Bob Seger51FwPcLJdrL
This is what I always hoped a live show would be like… back when I was too young to go to a show I had this amazing example to tide me over. Still don’t think that any show has ever lived up to the expectations this album created.



A Ass Pocket Full of Whiskey 1996, R L Burnside
This is Juke blues or punk blues I guess at its finest. I may have used the word raw on previous albums but this would be whatever came before that, this is quintessential blues, blues to the core, what it was, what it should be and where it started.

Americana 1998, The Offfspring
Another ground breaking album, the musical genius behind this album is undeniable. Vague right, its good just trust me 😉

Waking up the Neighbors 1991, Bryan Adams
This album is just good old rock and roll through and through, filled with flawless music and song writing to move an one off of their feet or ballads to move you to tears. It is all good!

Load 1996, Metallica
A lot of people claim the Black album was their best but this is it for me, Metallica at their best, tracks 1, 5, and 11… the rest as well but just listen to it and you will understand.