Adrienne’s Three Shots Soap Opera

So I have gotten a little behind on the blogging, lets begin…
dickens1       The stage was set at the beautiful Dicken’s Opera House; sound check was done (Thanks Wes Everett and Laura Wilder) and the booze were flowing. This gig was a big deal for us, not only were we playing the historic Dicken’s Opera house but we were playing alongside Adrienne O! This is paramount two fold. One, ThreeShots hasn’t co-billed with anyone for over ten years. Second, Back in the day (and still do) I worked as a live sound engineer. One of the bands I used to work with was The Fever, Adrienne was at the forefront of that band so it was humbling to share a stage with someone I looked up to and worked with. When she stepped out to start her own band, we really never crossed paths again. So there was a bit of small world nostalgia and fan boy excitement going on when we booked this gig. Adrienne has done such a great job and appropriately so of building a name for herself and although we have done well in our own right, I felt a bit like a large fish in a larger pond. (About damn time)

The gig also held some internally nostalgic weight as Collin Sitgreaves, one of ThreeShots’ original line up was joining us for the night. Collin has been rocking all over the world and was available to sit in with us. It felt good, real good. The band felt solid, there were a few surprises throughout the night, as is with live performances but Collin (and the rest of the guys) were on top of things, picking up my drops and nailing every note.

This was a great night. For me, I got to play side by side with a top notch act. Sure our genres were different but good music is just that, good. So the differences didn’t matter. It was nice to her Adrienne live and as expected she was great. So if you want something different but amazing head over to Adrienne O! and check her out. I got to reunite with Collin and play a killer show with him before his summer explodes with his other projects and for me that night solidified that with the new album looming around the corner, I would love to bring him back for a few tracks.
The Staff at the Dickens was great and so was the food. Can’t wait to do it again. Maybe we can step up our game and co-bill with the likes of Hazel Miller or Chris Daniels? I can dream.

Domestic Terrorism

IMG_2475It was graduation weekend in Fort Collins Colorado and the stage was set for ThreeShots to play the Whiskey in old town. The Whiskey is a narrow bar/restaurant that opens up in the back to a speakeasy feeling room, complete with bar, dance floor and stage. We load in from the back and show up early as we wanted to set up some video equipment and settle in for a long night. The place is packed and the drinks are flowing. We end our first set in a ball of sweat and energy. During the break we decided that we are going to stick in our newest song ‘Little Blonde Bombshell’ and which B.B. King song we wanted to play as a tribute as the legend. Our break came to a close and we started playing. Then something went wrong. All of a sudden I found it hard to breath, it burned. Looking to Tom seeing he was feeling it to, I asked if it were the fog machine, we figured it wasn’t. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off, and people were trying to get out. Management, unaware of what was going on tried to tell people there was no fire, there wasn’t…IMG_2439

It seems that during our introduction for our B.B. King tribute someone in the audience set off their pepper spray. Most debilitating thing I’ve ever experienced. The bar cleared out and we hung out in the alley for what seemed like an hour. They aired out the bar and eventually we went back in, the few and the proud that stuck it out with us got to hear the new song and we even pulled a chunk of people from the front section of the bar. We stuck it out and played till after 1am.

















As I told people that night, ‘no one will believe me but you can’t make this stuff up. This is going to have to go in the biography.’

We had a lot of fun and learned that pepper spray really works. I don’t care what you or other people were trying to do,that stuff will end you.IMG_2411IMG_1304 IMG_3905

Thanks to all the people who came out, the people who stuck around, the staff for handling it the way you did, and the Whiskey for wanting to get us back on the books in the future. I promise in the invite for the next gig I will mention ‘not acts of domestic terrorism, please.’ Not the most ideal night, the bar was making hand over fist on sales and we were playing great! Still not bad… this is coming from the band who’s rehearsal space caught fire… during practice.


ThreeShots is a blues band

As another Colorado Blues Society’s (CBS) International Blues Challenge (IBC) preliminary round comes and goes leaving us in its wake it’s time to reflect. I want to say congratulations to the bands that made it to the finals. All of the bands that played that day were top notch. As ThreeShots puts another IBC to rest we can’t help but look back at this and previous years with a slightly precarious, frustrating and confusing expression. (I have no idea what that would actually look like)
ThreeShots is a blues band, period.

Do we play the same ol’ canned blues that came about 60 years ago? Nope. That doesn’t mean we are not blues. The genre that is blues is massive, due largely to that fact that blues has influenced so many genres. Just like all forms of music though blues has evolved and grown over the years.

Without getting too technical blues is traditionally made up a 12 bar progression based off of the I, IV, and V chords, utilizing the blue notes (flatted 3rd and 7th notes), paired with a walking bassline and call and response lyrics.

This is where it started; it has evolved into so much more than that. Elvis (rock and roll), Muddy Waters (Chicago blues), Robert Johnson (delta blues), T-Bone Walker (jump blues), John Lee Hooker (boogie-woogie blues), Stevie Ray Vaughan (Texas blues), Cream, Lonnie Mack (Rock-blues) just to name a few, all of these and many more subgenres are notably different but they are all blues.

ThreeShots is no different, we have taken the music beyond where we found it and still hold to the conventions that would, to the discerning ear, still classify us as blues. Our selection of cover songs and originals bounce in and out of several sub genres all of which fall under blues.

Some like Chicago blues, some like Texas blues, Swamp blues, or maybe jump blues. There are so many different subgenres of blues it is hard to count. ThreeShots falls well within the definitions of electric blues, blues-rock, and Roadhouse R&B.

Yet without fail as if looking for a reason to vote us down, we get ‘feed back’ stating that we are not a blues band. So the musician in me can’t help but look to the theory behind what makes blues definitively blues. Traditionally, as I mentioned above most blues consist of a I, IV, V progression, usually in a 12 bar format. Rhythmically blues is clichély a shuffle and lyrically it is standard to have a call and response sort of a thing. I would argue that if you have a song that consists of all of these elements you would be hard pressed not to have a blues song on your hands. With that being said, it only makes sense to expand the genre and not just play the same ol’ things that we have heard for the last 60 years. ThreeShots has done our part to expand the genre. Several other notable bands have done the same. I really do believe that aside from their noted fame that Hamilton Loomis and Samatha Fish would be bitch slapped and told they aren’t blues based off of what I have seen year after year. Yet they are at the forefront of the genre respectively. Yes they both play standard/traditional blues from time to time but for the most part they are by no means conventional blues.

Some like us, love us, and some can’t stand us. That doesn’t change what we are: good. This year we had a ballot of straight 6s. This year was also hands down the tightest performance in all aspects that our show has been. While in the past I remember seeing straight 10’s (Thanks Dan King). Without fail we get judges at this competition who from their position of superior knowledge, or so I am assuming this is why they were made judges. Surely they aren’t just blues enthusiasts, or weekend players but I could be wrong. This judging pool of blues aficionados can’t help but think we are not a blues band and find that it is their duty to inform us that we are actually a rock and roll band. Even if that were the case (which it is not) and we were to lose points in the ‘blues content’ section, surely the instrumental, vocal talent, stage presence, and originality section should grant us enough points to carry us forward.

Also, if I am correct all the judges ballots are used to figure out the winner, which means if one judge doesn’t like your act, you are out of the competition. It would seem to me that the lowest and the highest scores should be tossed out and the remaining scores be averaged. This would remove positive and negative outliers.

Name That Album

So as ThreeShots joins the rest of the money makers in the music industry we are going to stop  giving our first album away. As we enter the realm of digital distribution we are going back and adding art work and a title to the first ThreeShots release. We want your help. We found the cover art through happenstance, local photographer Rachel Chaplin, and want your help naming it. So comment below with your ideas, the band will suss out the bad ones and place the remainder in a poll, letting the ThreeShots community vote and go from there. So here it is:

By Rachel Chaplin

If you are looking to pull inspiration from lyrics within the songs on the album check out the album here: ThreeShots Name that Album

There will be a follow up post once we have ruled out the blatantly bad names.

Hello, Hello Kitty!

So Tom is the band’s resident tech head (Tekhedd) and every time someone in the band gets a new piece of really cool gear (My new amp). He has to go and (with the help of his wife) play the one up game. Throw on a Carhartt shirt learn a few Willy Nelson tunes and look out open mic nights… Tom’s newest addition:




First show of the year! The night was long but oh my God did it feel good, we started off strong and rode the pocket all the way to closing. Seriously, I haven’t had this much fun at a gig for some time. I can’t thank the beautiful and talented Emma Sloniker enough for joining us on a few numbers. Not to forget the energetic Erick ‘Ski’ Moskalski for bringing a great stage presence to the night. It was a night of firsts for sure, it would seem the plan is to keep having guest players join us when we can, mixes things up a bit.

A few highlights:






Cranknstein has been a great place for us to play, some say it is a little small… I say intimate. Really though they have an amazing staff and it’s really nice to have a place to play in our home town. They seem few and far between. It really allows us to make a connection with our new found fans:





Point of inquiry:

One thing I have begun to notice is that our news letter sign up goes from gig to gig with little to no new additions… is email dead as a means of informing the masses about live music? You tell me. I have seen an increase in our FB likes for what it’s worth 🙂

The Hunt For Perfect Tone…

Lets kick off the blog with some gear talk. All guitar players I know have spent a good portion of their careers looking for the perfect combination of guitar/pickups, amp/head/speaker/tubes, and FX pedals to find the perfect tone…  I (Andy) have been using a Fender Super 4×10 for years, a real work horse and a real pain to tour with! Sounds great and all but it just weighs a ton and takes up a lot of space come travel time. So after years and year of only having this amp to fall back on I put a call out to my tech savvy people for a new amp. It took some times but thanks to Tom (Bassist) the search is over and I have given up my Fender Super for the Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket Reverb:AndyBoogie

‘‘A grab and go, fire breathing tone monster, loud enough to overpower any drummer’’

When I read this personal review I was sold but the proof was in the pudding… so to speak. I went and played the thing and was stunned. I would have never thought a 1×10 could be this ballsy. Some assembly required, trouble shooting the metronome like popping sound this amp uttered after a few minutes of playing (bad tube) with Tom’s help and I was sold. I couldn’t walk out of the store with this in arms fast enough. I am sorry I ever doubted you Mesa/Boogie. I still like to think of myself as a Fender man but to get the right tone out of the Super I had to really crank it up… and I do my part not to be like every other guitar player on the planet. I like low stage volume. Well this gets to that tasty distortion/saturation point at lower volumes but can sort of fall apart if you get it loud enough. It can get loud though, holy hell! I like my amps like my women? Short, loud and with warranties? I dont know, all I do know is I can’t wait to get this out and see what it can do. New year, new gear… 2015 is going to be epic.