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So as ThreeShots joins the rest of the money makers in the music industry we are going to stop  giving our first album away. As we enter the realm of digital distribution we are going back and adding art work and a title to the first ThreeShots release. We want your help. We found the cover art through happenstance, local photographer Rachel Chaplin, and want your help naming it. So comment below with your ideas, the band will suss out the bad ones and place the remainder in a poll, letting the ThreeShots community vote and go from there. So here it is:

By Rachel Chaplin

If you are looking to pull inspiration from lyrics within the songs on the album check out the album here: ThreeShots Name that Album

There will be a follow up post once we have ruled out the blatantly bad names.

2 thoughts on “Name That Album

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    These are probably all crap but whatever lol.

    Further On

    Yellow Brick Road

    Welcome to Asheville

    That Girl I Knew


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