Domestic Terrorism

IMG_2475It was graduation weekend in Fort Collins Colorado and the stage was set for ThreeShots to play the Whiskey in old town. The Whiskey is a narrow bar/restaurant that opens up in the back to a speakeasy feeling room, complete with bar, dance floor and stage. We load in from the back and show up early as we wanted to set up some video equipment and settle in for a long night. The place is packed and the drinks are flowing. We end our first set in a ball of sweat and energy. During the break we decided that we are going to stick in our newest song ‘Little Blonde Bombshell’ and which B.B. King song we wanted to play as a tribute as the legend. Our break came to a close and we started playing. Then something went wrong. All of a sudden I found it hard to breath, it burned. Looking to Tom seeing he was feeling it to, I asked if it were the fog machine, we figured it wasn’t. All of a sudden the fire alarm went off, and people were trying to get out. Management, unaware of what was going on tried to tell people there was no fire, there wasn’t…IMG_2439

It seems that during our introduction for our B.B. King tribute someone in the audience set off their pepper spray. Most debilitating thing I’ve ever experienced. The bar cleared out and we hung out in the alley for what seemed like an hour. They aired out the bar and eventually we went back in, the few and the proud that stuck it out with us got to hear the new song and we even pulled a chunk of people from the front section of the bar. We stuck it out and played till after 1am.

















As I told people that night, ‘no one will believe me but you can’t make this stuff up. This is going to have to go in the biography.’

We had a lot of fun and learned that pepper spray really works. I don’t care what you or other people were trying to do,that stuff will end you.IMG_2411IMG_1304 IMG_3905

Thanks to all the people who came out, the people who stuck around, the staff for handling it the way you did, and the Whiskey for wanting to get us back on the books in the future. I promise in the invite for the next gig I will mention ‘not acts of domestic terrorism, please.’ Not the most ideal night, the bar was making hand over fist on sales and we were playing great! Still not bad… this is coming from the band who’s rehearsal space caught fire… during practice.


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