SixStringsDown, LLC
Electronic Press Kit


1718 Hull St.
Fort Collins, CO

Stage Plot/Inputs


PLOT ‹— click for PDF: This is the standard/traditional set up. The bare bones if you will.


PLOT2 ‹—click for PDF: Add two vocal mics 🙂


PLOT3 ‹—click for PDF: Just the one extra vocal mic.

Info for you to have:

  • Four band members (not three like the name would lead you to believe): Guitar/Vox, Bass/Vox, Keys/Harp/Vox, Drums
  • More than enough material to play for 4hr
  • Draw is anywhere from several dozen to several hundred, depending on city, day of week, time of year, lead time for promotion , position of the stars in relation to the venue, and ticket price/door fee
  • Performance fees are negotiable and generally consist of a door split with a guarantee. Size of guarantee required depends on the night of week, the required travel distance and the amount of sound reinforcement that the band must provide.
  • As we are a land locked state please no messages in bottles to try and contact us, thank you.