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Hello, Hello Kitty!

So Tom is the band’s resident tech head (Tekhedd) and every time someone in the band gets a new piece of really cool gear (My new amp). He has to go and (with the help of his wife) play the one up game. Throw on a Carhartt shirt learn a few Willy Nelson tunes and look out open mic nights… Tom’s newest addition:



The Hunt For Perfect Tone…

Lets kick off the blog with some gear talk. All guitar players I know have spent a good portion of their careers looking for the perfect combination of guitar/pickups, amp/head/speaker/tubes, and FX pedals to find the perfect tone…  I (Andy) have been using a Fender Super 4×10 for years, a real work horse and a real pain to tour with! Sounds great and all but it just weighs a ton and takes up a lot of space come travel time. So after years and year of only having this amp to fall back on I put a call out to my tech savvy people for a new amp. It took some times but thanks to Tom (Bassist) the search is over and I have given up my Fender Super for the Mesa/Boogie Subway Rocket Reverb:AndyBoogie

‘‘A grab and go, fire breathing tone monster, loud enough to overpower any drummer’’

When I read this personal review I was sold but the proof was in the pudding… so to speak. I went and played the thing and was stunned. I would have never thought a 1×10 could be this ballsy. Some assembly required, trouble shooting the metronome like popping sound this amp uttered after a few minutes of playing (bad tube) with Tom’s help and I was sold. I couldn’t walk out of the store with this in arms fast enough. I am sorry I ever doubted you Mesa/Boogie. I still like to think of myself as a Fender man but to get the right tone out of the Super I had to really crank it up… and I do my part not to be like every other guitar player on the planet. I like low stage volume. Well this gets to that tasty distortion/saturation point at lower volumes but can sort of fall apart if you get it loud enough. It can get loud though, holy hell! I like my amps like my women? Short, loud and with warranties? I dont know, all I do know is I can’t wait to get this out and see what it can do. New year, new gear… 2015 is going to be epic.