Bluesy debut on the Chilly side of Loveland

chillersSo It was our first time at Chillers, a virgin gig and boy oh boy did we nail it! (Yes, I phrased it that way on purpose) It was a great little venue with great people, a bit loud for my taste but the rooms acoustics lent themselves to it. This was a back to back sort of thing, Friday and Saturday. The small room made for a great dance venue and the staff did a great job of keeping the locals happy, present, and drinking. Good booze and great music, makes for a good time. The second night there was some sort of WWII thing or some such shindig going down in old town Loveland. They had tanks and all sorts of cool stuff, a few people dressed up and all popped in to the bar for a bit, pretty cool.

One thing is perfectly clear, Emma is making a solid name for herself within ThreeShots. (I might be out of a band at this rate 🙂 ) We ended up bringing her up over and over again to sing the few songs we had prepared with her because she was like a drug to the audience… they couldn’t get enough. So we will be finding some new songs for her to grace us with, promise.

These back to back gigs made for long weekends but with a warm welcome to a new venue like the one we got, it is worth it. Things seemed to go so well in fact, no sooner were we packing up after the second night did we have 4 more gigs on the books. A venue that knows the value of a good band is hard to find, they pay well and book often, you cant beat that.

2 thoughts on “Bluesy debut on the Chilly side of Loveland

  1. Don Walters

    You guys are great! Can’t fathom why there are no upcoming gigs. Was at Chillers in Loveland-sept.
    Really-checkout Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues July
    2017. Back to Cool er ado soon for Your next performance. Thanks for good times-

    Chillin’ Dakota Style-
    Hippy Don

    1. Andy Tatro Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. We are gearing up for a series of new recordings and booking has fell to the wayside as a byproduct. We will check into the Sioux falls festival for sure. Thanks for checkin up on us. Catch you stage side 🙂


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