Monthly Archives: January 2022

Reflecting on the last year!

This last season has been crazy. We have been fortunate enough to play a ton of festivals along side some of the most talented bands NoCo has to offer. Sharing the stage with Johnny and the Mongrels and Mr. Smyth at the Breckenridge beer fest was at the top of the list for sure.

We are also blessed to have some of the most amazing fans any band could ask for. Due to the fans we were voted 2nd, in NOCO Style magazines best local band in 2021!!!

Playing in our home town off and on as well. Were even able to bring Collin up to sit in with us at Max Line. (Collins is a founding member of ThreeShots from way back when)

We played the Foundry in downtown Loveland so many times, such great moments!

We got to play the Louisville Underground, killer venue, great staff. Got to share the stage with the Alan Sparks!

It was a great year for gigs for sure. We have spent the off season finishing up the recordings for the long over due album, so it is on its way. See you all next year!