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Bluesy debut on the Chilly side of Loveland

chillersSo It was our first time at Chillers, a virgin gig and boy oh boy did we nail it! (Yes, I phrased it that way on purpose) It was a great little venue with great people, a bit loud for my taste but the rooms acoustics lent themselves to it. This was a back to back sort of thing, Friday and Saturday. The small room made for a great dance venue and the staff did a great job of keeping the locals happy, present, and drinking. Good booze and great music, makes for a good time. The second night there was some sort of WWII thing or some such shindig going down in old town Loveland. They had tanks and all sorts of cool stuff, a few people dressed up and all popped in to the bar for a bit, pretty cool.

One thing is perfectly clear, Emma is making a solid name for herself within ThreeShots. (I might be out of a band at this rate 🙂 ) We ended up bringing her up over and over again to sing the few songs we had prepared with her because she was like a drug to the audience… they couldn’t get enough. So we will be finding some new songs for her to grace us with, promise.

These back to back gigs made for long weekends but with a warm welcome to a new venue like the one we got, it is worth it. Things seemed to go so well in fact, no sooner were we packing up after the second night did we have 4 more gigs on the books. A venue that knows the value of a good band is hard to find, they pay well and book often, you cant beat that.

The Lagoon: Family Friendly are we

       The Lagoon is a long standing tradition in Fort Collins and it is in our home town so I can’t express how exciting it was to be apart of it this year. The line up from week to week was amazing. My favorite was easily Mamma Lenny and the Remedy. Seriously, catch them if you can!

      The weather looked like it was going to be perfect, no threat of rain and people started showing up with assorted lawn chairs and blankets. This event was very heart warming for me, as someone who grew up with this series and it being my home town it made for a very emotional day to say the least. I got to see old friends and acquaintances from high school and even my high school speech coach made it out. It was my own personal homecoming. As most of you who know me and heard me rant, Fort Collins is a bit of a tight music scene so playing in my home town is hard enough let alone to play a gig like this. It felt really good.

      The show started off with the best opener we have ever had… yes we have never had an opener before but these kids were amazing. It was really cool to see kids getting involved in music that young. They played a few songs and got the crowed warmed up for us. So we did our thing and the energy between band and concert goers was through the roof. You couldn’t help but move, even Tom our resident stone wall was bouncing around on stage. Things got even more intense when we brought Emma on stage. She nailed it, taking command of the stage and the audience.

      About halfway through the set it came cutting across the silence as clear as day… ’Skinny Women!’ and I paused not only had someone had called out a request, was a request for ‘free bird’ or Jimmy Buffett? No, this was a request for one of our songs. A song we had decided not to play. Now there are only so many minuets in a show and we can’t play all of our material and we had figured that that song may divide an audience so to play is safe we nixed it. It’s one thing to leave and audience wanting more but if they ask for it… you better give it to them, so we did and it was received very well!

      The dancers, old and young were dancing, the amazing food from the food trucks was being devoured. I have ran sound for events like this for years, watching my mentors, the best Colorado has to offer like Chris Daniels and Hazel Miller just captivate and audience. It was the most amazing feeling in the world to be on their side of the fence this time.

      To the hundreds of people who came out and watched and/or danced, the event staff, sound and camera crews and our amazing opening act I cannot thank you enough. I can’t wait to do it next year.

       One more point of interest. So it would seem that despite all the dancers and all the fun we were all having, it is true what they say, it only takes one… There was at least one unsatisfied customer with our show as stated in the Coloradoan’s thumbs up/down column:

CSU Lagoon Series is usually a great family friendly concert and evening out. On July 29, the evening started with very enjoyable kid bands; then Three Shots took the stage. Their selection of songs included lyrics that weren’t appropriate for families there with children; the same goes for their commentaries/jokes.

Now I know you can’t please everyone all the time or even some of the people, some of the time. So to those who found us lacking, I am sorry. We left our songs PG-13 and triple A radio friendly. With any luck we will be back next year with our unique brand of upbeat, heavy blues. Till next time, keep dancing Fort Collins.

Adrienne’s Three Shots Soap Opera

So I have gotten a little behind on the blogging, lets begin…
dickens1       The stage was set at the beautiful Dicken’s Opera House; sound check was done (Thanks Wes Everett and Laura Wilder) and the booze were flowing. This gig was a big deal for us, not only were we playing the historic Dicken’s Opera house but we were playing alongside Adrienne O! This is paramount two fold. One, ThreeShots hasn’t co-billed with anyone for over ten years. Second, Back in the day (and still do) I worked as a live sound engineer. One of the bands I used to work with was The Fever, Adrienne was at the forefront of that band so it was humbling to share a stage with someone I looked up to and worked with. When she stepped out to start her own band, we really never crossed paths again. So there was a bit of small world nostalgia and fan boy excitement going on when we booked this gig. Adrienne has done such a great job and appropriately so of building a name for herself and although we have done well in our own right, I felt a bit like a large fish in a larger pond. (About damn time)

The gig also held some internally nostalgic weight as Collin Sitgreaves, one of ThreeShots’ original line up was joining us for the night. Collin has been rocking all over the world and was available to sit in with us. It felt good, real good. The band felt solid, there were a few surprises throughout the night, as is with live performances but Collin (and the rest of the guys) were on top of things, picking up my drops and nailing every note.

This was a great night. For me, I got to play side by side with a top notch act. Sure our genres were different but good music is just that, good. So the differences didn’t matter. It was nice to her Adrienne live and as expected she was great. So if you want something different but amazing head over to Adrienne O! and check her out. I got to reunite with Collin and play a killer show with him before his summer explodes with his other projects and for me that night solidified that with the new album looming around the corner, I would love to bring him back for a few tracks.
The Staff at the Dickens was great and so was the food. Can’t wait to do it again. Maybe we can step up our game and co-bill with the likes of Hazel Miller or Chris Daniels? I can dream.